Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last minute Easter Decor

Yes I know Easter is in 3 days... But where I'm just starting my blog I figured I might as well still post them. And truth be told, they all are quick so even with the time left anyone could still make them.
I was at the store the other day looking at paint colors to redo a table I got at a yard sale and I got the idea to make an Easter garland out of the paint chips. I had some at home from a previous project so I grabbed the paint chips and got started.

I cut out an easter egg shape from my Silhouette (Yes I love love it and I use it all the time!) I traced the egg on the back so the pencil marks wouldn't show and then cut them out.

I have a tiny hole punch and punched two holes in the top and threaded hemp cord string stuff through. (Good name for it huh! Dont really quite know what it is but any sort of string/yarn/etc. would work.) It was a really quick project but has been lots of fun! I hung it on my piano under other Easter decorations.

One other last minute project I did was an easter egg wreath...

Yep they are sideways... :) I should have taken pictures along the way and forgot... I just wrapped a wreath in white fabric so the yarn eggs had something better to stick to. I started at one end and strung yarn around and around while putting hot glue every so often to get it to stick. This project on the whole was pretty quick even though wrapping the egss was a little time consuming fairly quick. It could have used a few more eggs but I ran out of plastic eggs so for today thats how it will stay. More eggs will get stuck on eventually. :)

Both pretty quick projects and fun to add to the Easter decor collection. Now hurry and get working on your last minute wreath and garland too!


  1. Fun ideas! I found you through Oopsey Daisy on Twitter. Good luck!


  2. I saw the Oopsey Daisy post on facebook and thought I'd come welcome you to bloggyland!!! I LOVE your Easter decor. Very bright and fun! Can't wait to see what else you bring us. :)

  3. This is adorable!
    You have a great mentor speading a word for you, I hear about your blog from Oopsey Daisy!
    Come see me if you got a minute between all the craft projects :)

  4. That garland turned out a LOT better than mine! :) Your last minute ideas are great. I'm glad I came by 504 pink!