Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend & Pillows

We had a great Easter at our house! It was extra fun where it was Baby B's first Easter. We went to church and then had family parties all afternoon. Made for a busy but great day!

He said he didn't like the "good egg" shirt his mom made for him. :) (saw the idea here)It was so quick with the Silhouette! Fun shirt and didn't take long at all.

Decided he would be a little happier now...

This was how the bunny turned out that I made for one of our family parties. I don't think it would have raised quite so much had I done the wheat bread like they said. :) It still turned out fun though!

So we are buying a new house and hopefully closing in the morning! Finally!! :) So with moving, I have decided to change up our room and been working on lots of projects for that. It is currently tan, brown and maroon. I now am changing it to grey, white, turquoise and a little bit of black. So in other words everything has to be changed because it's completly opposite colors!

I am working on a bed spread but thats for another post because it's not quite finished. :) But I have been doing pillows that are done! They both were easy and one very quick and the other a little more time consuming.

The first pillow was so simple!

First decide what size of pillow you want. Cut the fabric an inch bigger. Cut a one inch strip that is twice as long as you want. I put my first strip an inch from the edge of the fabric. Gather as you go and you get the ruffled look!

Super easy and quick. I think from start to finish this pillow took less than thirty minutes! I just enveloped my pillows so I could pull off the cover and change them again if I wanted or just to be able to wash them. (I don't know if everyone knows how to envelope but if not leave that in the comments and I can do a tutorial on that.)

The second pillow was a little more time consuming but still really easy. I got a bowl and a cup and that is what I got the pattern from. I traced them on a piece of paper and then cute them in half. I traced a million half circles on the back side of the fabric and once traced, cut them out. The outside layers are bigger half circles and the inside smaller.

After you have cut them out, you sew the circle part, but not the straight part. I should have taken more pictures along the way. Sorry! Put the good sides together so once it is sewn you turn it inside out and the good sides then will be out. Then iron them flat. Once ironed, you pin in a circle on fabric. After pinning, sew a big circle at the bottom of the circles so once the next layer is on the stitching will not show.

Keep going until you reach the center. Once I got closer to the center is when I switched and did the smaller half circles. There is no right or wrong to how many because each pillow will be a different size. For the center I just did a bigger and smaller circle to finish it off. I stitched through the back layer of the top circle to the back of the pillow top so that it would not show on the front.

Then you are finished! I am excited to finish our bed spread so I can start using the pillows!

Finished pillows-


  1. Hey Britli,
    Love your little guy's Good Egg shirt! Our little guys would be 2 good eggs together! lol Love your pillow too. Very pretty!
    happy crafting!

  2. Love the flower pillow and thanks for explaining how to.
    I am following you now.