Thursday, June 30, 2011

Organizing a coupon binder

I love having a coupon binder so my coupons are organized and easy to find at the store. It drives me crazy to have to flip through a whole pile of coupons to find the one I am looking for. So yep, I'm the one people think are weird carrying a binder around. I get lots of funny comments about it but thats okay. :)

So here is how my binder is organized.... At the front of the binder, I have a divider for each store. If there are coupons specific for that store I put them there and will put my Register Rewards from Walgreens there too. I have 4x6 picture plastic sleeves that I put them in.

After the store sections I then have dividers with different categories for the coupons to be filed in.
Categories are-
Misc. Food
Personal Hygeine
Paper Goods
That many categories, for me, covers pretty much everything.

Then behind each category I then file the coupons. I put them in baseball card plastic sleeves. I will organize them by expiration date so the ones that expire the soonest are at the front and then when the month changes its easy to pull out the expired coupons that I didn't use. I will try to make it to where the amount and expiration date are both showing.

At the front of the binder I have a 4x6 sleeve that I put the coupons in that I will use for that shopping trip so I don't have to keep flipping through the binder for them.

In the front pocket I also put the coupon policy for the stores I shop at. That way if there is ever a question about something you have the policy with you. I have used them many times!! A lot of the cashiers do not know much about coupons and what they will and won't take.

I hope this has helped. :) If anyone has any questions just let me know!

Have a great day!! Tutorial on Baby B's 4th of July shirt coming soon. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Entryway Table

Hello! :) I haven't posted in forever... We have had a busy last bit with moving, having a yard sale and keeping up with life in general. I'm back and will be posting more! :)

I found this pink table at DI for $18 and knew I had to have it. I had been looking for an entryway table and when I saw this I knew it would work perfect for the space I wanted to fill. I was originally looking for a longer table but this turned out lots better than I thought it would.



I am excited with my new entryway table and feel like my house is finally getting decorated. Have a great day!