Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The wall is finished!

Man this project was a project and a half! It took far longer than I thought it would but I am excited now that it is done. It was time consuming but only took two days working here and there. With a busy little boy, I didn't work on it while he was awake. He would have been lots of help but decided to wait til he was sleeping... :)So after two nights and a little bit in the day- its all finished! It added a lot to the room.

I traced the pattern on the wall first with a pencil. Then I painted inside the pencil lines.

Tips I learned a long the way:
-I was worried about the imperfections standing out and not looking perfect where I just painted over traced lines. In the end you really don't even notice so don't let that stop you! :)
-Trace the pencil lines as lightly as you can so you don't see them through the paint.
-I used a foam paint brush because I felt like I could get it to cover more evenly. Any brush is fine but I like the foam brush the best.

I used the stencil template from here. I loved that I was able to print it out, trace it on cardboard and get going. I also loved that this project cost me nothing!! Even better. I will post another picture later as I get the decor put back up. I'm repainting the mirror right now because I don't like the color on top of the stenciled wall... Anyways, soon I will have it all finished!

Have a great day!!

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