Friday, July 22, 2011

Not a baby anymore...

I swear that Baby B changed overnight into a kid! He went to sleep a baby on his birthday and woke up the next day a kid! He is into everything and make far more messes and far more daring adventures. Man I thought he was busy but I don't think I knew what busy was! I know it sounds crazy but man he has been busy the last two days! :)

Now standing up to things like a pro and can stand there forever.

Try to pull all of the towels out of the bottom drawer before mom can catch him.

Forget sitting in the swimming pool, he'll try to stand instead!

Remote, phone and cup full of water. Sure I'll help myself to them.

Play with the radio... Sure!

He also in the last day has found the toilet, started standing up in crib and looking over the edge (you better believe we changed it to the lowest position as soon as Dallen got home!), open the changing table and start pulling things out as fast as you can. Man he is keeping me busy! And I'm afraid that once he walks it will be ten times more busy! He is at such a fun stage! Now if I could just keep up with him! :)

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