Monday, May 2, 2011

The way I clip coupons...

As you might be figuring out I am a big fan of couponing.... :) (Except as were moving I wonder what I have been thinking. Its taken me 10+ big boxes to pack my stockpile that is NOT food.... I still have the food to do.) Over the last year I have went back and forth on the ways I cut and organize coupons and what works best for me. With organizing coupons, there is many ways with different benefits and different amounts of time it takes, but clipping I feel there is a way that probably works the very best no matter what. I get a few papers and rather then pulling out the coupons I want and cutting each one individually I have a different method.
I start by putting all of my inserts in piles.

Once they are in piles I go through the insert and pull out the coupons I want and make each a different pile. I then go through the next insert and stack them on top.

Then once they are in piles, I stack them up and cut the numerous papers all at once. Takes tons less time and once they are cut, like coupons are together and easier to organize... This method works great for me and I hope it helps you couponers that arn't already doing this. Wish someone would have told me when I started. :) Post coming soon on various ways to organize coupons.

Post soon coming on this too... I have been busy painting. Soon you will see what a little paint and glaze can do for a table. :)

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  1. Thanks so much! I'm so glad that you're posting about your couponing! It really does help me know where/how to get started! Every little tip really does help!!!